As Seen on TV wholesalers?

I am trying to find a distributor in Chicago, IL that sells As Seen on TV products at wholesale price. I have a PO number which is 8379 and after that it says XQ 280511. On top of the bar code of this item it says EGO11724. Please help me find this wholesaler. Please & Thank You.
I own an As Seen on TV store and i have a couple of wholesalers, but there is one in Chicago and I am trying to contact him/her for business.

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Wholesale questions. Starting a business?

Hello, im looking to start a small business, nothing special. Just an eBay store as such, buying and selling for profit mostly. Are there are any wholesale sites that you could recommend and products on that you have used in the past or have seen others using successfully and creating profit.
And even some pre-wholesale sites (Straight from the factory) if you know any any.

The products im interested in selling are electronic goods, video games,video cameras, dvds, tvs. That kind of thing
Thanks for your help and try to provide as much as much information as possible.
I will be watching and will reward the extra 10 points instead of leaving it and not giving the extra reward the member deserves for his effort
Replying to my question saying that, this is not a good idea is not helping at all really.
Fair enough if you wish to say that, but please also include what is a good idea…..
@Allen F
Thanks for your reply but im looking for something that will make my wallet bigger. 1 or 2 sites.
Not 248 sites that i will never use that will make your wallet bigger

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Anyone know about that home based business selling wholesale products retail?

I remember seeing this on TV a while back, but I can’t remember what it was called. It was basically for a home-based business where they supply the items at close to wholesale prices and you can sell them on eBay or your own website for a higher cost. Then you pay the company the difference and have them ship the items to the buyer. Anyone know what this is or where I could find more info on it?

FURTHERMORE, I am also curious. I’m sure there are laws against it, but just to be sure, is it legal to do this for other websites? Say, I put an item on on eBay for higher than the WalMart price and then have them pay with a credit card/paypal, and buy the item myself and have it shipped to their address while keeping the difference.

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I am trying to find out how to become a sham wow dist. or seller, please help.?

I am trying to become self employed. I have seen sham wow on TV, but was unable to buy a set at the swap meet in Phoenix AZ. Do they really work ok? I would like to become a distributor or salesman for this product. I personally can’t seem to find wholesale distributors or manufactures. I know the info’s out there I just can’t seem to find it.

Shamwow Commercial (Full Length As Seen On TV)

Large Super Shammy German Car Wash Cleaning Cloths. Shamwow Chamois Drying Towels. Sham Wow Shammies For Dog Drying.

Large Super Shammy German Car Wash Cleaning Cloths. Shamwow Chamois Drying Towels. Sham Wow Shammies For Dog Drying.


INCLUDES A BONUS $25 RESTAURANT CERTIFICATE TO ALL CUSTOMERS THAT PURCHASE AS OUR WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU. Super Shammy is a re-usable and machine washable and very durable cloth. Specifically designed to attract and absorb huge amounts of liquid from water to soda and any other liquid that you feel comfortable absorbing. (just make sure you are okay with being able to machine wash after picking u…

The Original Shamwow - Super Absorbent Multi-purpose Cleaning Towel Cloth, Machine Washable, Will Not Scratch, 8 Piece Set

The Original Shamwow – Super Absorbent Multi-purpose Cleaning Towel Cloth, Machine Washable, Will Not Scratch, 8 Piece Set


The world famous ORIGINAL Shamwow! It’s like a Chamois, Towel, and a Sponge, all in one. Washes, dries and polishes any surface. It’s like a towel, chamois,and sponge all in one except it is extremely absorbent and can be used over and over. Soaks up to 10x it’s weight in any liquid! Shamwow! is machine washable, bleachable, will not scratch any surface and will last for years! Household uses:Use …

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Starting a import business. legal issues?

My friend and I are in high school.. He’s 18 already but I’m still 17…
we want to import product in bulk, wholesale…then resell them to our friends mainly and perhaps neighbors…the thing is, I’m worried about copyright/trademark issues…is it illegal to sell
new era caps, armani belts, keychains, as seen on tv slimclips, etc.

well…i keep getting the answer..if it’s a replica product, it’s illegal…then i want to ask…what if these products aren’t replicas..can i sell them legally?

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Make big profits by selling SMC products from home?

Has anyone seen that ad on tv with the actor Tom Bosley telling us we can start our own home business and make thousands of dollars? The name of the company is SMC and the membership fee is 0. They claim their prices are below wholesale, so my question is how do they make money? For example they show a hammock that you can sell for .95 but you pay only .95 so your profit is !!!?

Make Big Income At Home** Ginouchka Eugene

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I’ve been looking at a lot of “as seen on tv products” on and I’m wondering if these are real?

I want to buy these wholesale from china to sell on ebay but unsure if these are illegal.
Some of these products are:
magic bullet
pedi paws
slap chop

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